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A bit about myself

Why I have decided to start this blog
Hello there, thanks for reading me. I am Paola, TheHyppoMySelfTheCat.

I  have decided to start a random blog about all the the things I like just to share with others the incredible journey my life has been since April 2015. I am not going to go into details but I am sure you will be able to get some clues here and there on my posts.

After 18 months of personal struggles,  after hitting the bottom and thinking that life wasn’t worth it, I finally find myself in a good place, mentally and physically speaking but I am still paying, in terms of stress, the consequences of that horrible time.

On this life changing journey, I have discovered few things that I actually didn’t know: we are stronger than what we think, stress can actually destroy people, the priorities of life of the western modern world are completely off, I am allergic to flours (apart from the wholegrain one), to yeasts and eggs, we cannot control as human beings what happens to us and we cannot pick our lives (we get what we get and we shouldn’t get upset!), everything happens for a reason.

Well, exactly after these discoveries, I have started to approach life, food and health completely differently feeding myself with positive thoughts, alternative and clean food, healing my soul with achievable goals and cure my stress discomforts with natural remedies.

And guess what, LIFE is wonderful again!

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