I am looking out my bedroom window and I see the snow coming down….I realise I haven’t written a post in ages and so I pull my laptop and start writing… I have been very busy and challenged by health issues lately but it seems to get better after six months, I still have six months to go…During these few months, I felt like my life was on standby because of this small thing happening to me, like I didn’t have any control on it, I couldn’t plan things too much ahead as it was hard to know how I was going to feel….I felt like I was living in somebody’s else body, like I was the only one not moving in the whole planet whilst all the other people were going on with their life, making plans, changes and I hated it. I still do, but as I said it is getting better, I know the next six months are crucial and I am committed to it.

During these few months, I often wanted to be in somebody else’s shoes, I often wanted to be somebody else, out there, ruling my life like I was used to and not vice-versa, going out for a drink, go to any restaurant and eat what I wanted, go dancing rather than just crushing at 9 pm on the sofa with no energy, rather than feeling like I was 60-years-old.

Today I look outside my bedroom window and I realise I am my own Superhero.

I look back at the last 3 years and I realised I have been through to things that a lot of people don’t even see in a lifetime, I grow up so much and so fast and got so strong that I am ready for anything. I realise that for the first time in my life, this is my break to take care of myself, that what happened to me is an opportunity to learn more about my body, to live in harmony my soul, to face up to my next adventures with a different mind, it is like I am preparing to turn into a colourful butterfly and the more it takes the more the colours are going to be wonderful.

So to anybody out there who is struggling with something and who gets frustrated, sad, worried…I want you to look in a mirror and say to yourself: “You are my Superhero!