We are all so busy nowadays and wrap up in our modern life that sometimes we forget how to keep ourselves healthy. I don’t mean that kind of healthy that it is often trendy and advertised online and newspapers that want us skinny and a yoga freak…NO! I mean we forget the simple basics! What we eat, how we eat it and our sleep, impact our job, the ability to focus, our mood, our social skills, the level of our daily energy, how we related with other people and kids, the perception of ourselves and our confidence.

Have you ever felt heavy, bloated, uncomfortable and depressed after a night eating pizza, burger and sweets not sleeping very well? There it is, what you put into your body does either make you feel good or bad, it depends on your choices. It is simple as that.
The good news is, all the symptoms and problems that you caused to your body not looking after what you eat, are reversible. It is never too late to change.

With 5 simple healthy habits, you could change your life forever.

1. Quit Caffeine and replace it with hot water and lemon.
Yes, I know, some of us, including me, have drunk coffee since high school and often more than one a day. Well, caffeine alters mood, can higher blood pressure, makes your heart work harder, increases anxiety, can higher diabetes 2 risk, gives shaky hands.

Start your day with a big glass of warm water and lemon (1/2 slices) instead: it helps your digestion, helps the liver in expelling faster and better the toxins from your body, it boosts your immune system as lemon contains Vitamins C and potassium, helps to clean your skin helping your digestion system, helps in maintain a healthy weight increasing your metabolism.

***If you are highly addicted to coffee or caffeine beverage, be aware that you could experience a period of Withdrawal symptoms if you suddenly stop. This is totally normal and it shouldn’t last for more than 7/10 days.

2. Quit white flour and yeast and replace pasta with rice (brown, wild, red) and quinoa
A lot of us feel bloating and extremely tired after eating a pasta dish, bread and pizza containing yeast and gluten. Well, it is always a good idea to consult your doctor about that but in many cases, this is due to allergy/intolerance to wheat, gluten and yeast (me included). If this is your case, then you can easily switch to rice and quinoa, which are naturally gluten-free, wheat free and yeast free.

3. Read the ingredients!
We are all so used to go to the supermarket and buy trusting adverts, banners and generics labels that we don’t even know what we are eating anymore. Well, before you buy anything, you should read very carefully the ingredients.

Processed food sold in normal shops, it is packed with refined sugars which can be a serious threat to your health. Also, half of the ingredients are chemicals that you are not even able to pronounce, so it is not probably a good idea to put that into your body. Most of this processed food does not contain the real thing but it is full of “flavourings” which means they are very low in nutrients and very high in chemicals. I am sure you do not want to feed your kids and your self with fake food.

4. Follow “The adding rule”
Changing habits is very hard for everybody but the good news is that you don’t have to cut cut cut at the beginning. If you find too difficult to live without junk food, for example, you should try and add a portion of veggies to every meal (lunches and dinners) to help your body to expel the toxins. You can increase the veggies intake every week until your body will naturally adjust and “refuse” the junk food.

Also, add plenty of still and filtered water to your day (at least 1.5 l) avoiding to drink and eat the same time (wait at least 30 minutes between one thing and the other one)

5. Sleep Sleep Sleep!
We think that because we are adults we don’t need to sleep so much. It couldn’t be so far from reality. I know that a lot of people, like mums especially, don’t get much of it, but maybe after reading this, you will realise what you are doing to your self in rushing through the day and deprive your self of sleep.

Sleeping heals and repair your body, regulate your metabolism (deprivation of sleep is one of the strongest risk factors for obesity), regulate your appetite and calories intake, increase concentration and productivity, decrease the risk of heart disease and stroke, decrease the risk of diabetes 2, reduce depression and boost your immune system.

It can take few weeks for your body to adjust to new routines, but after this first period, you will feel (and look) much healthier! πŸ™‚ Who is up for trying?

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