Today I am going to talk about Thamon London, one of my favourite accessories brands: very affordable, colourful, suitable for all age and, of course, ethically-sourced and vegan-friendly. 

Thamon London #LeavesNotLeatherThamon London produces bags, wallets, pouches, backpacks and much more using sal and lotus leaves, cork and flowers. I bought the salt leaf box bag from them (pics below), and I absolutely adore it!

Real Sal Box Bag

All the products are water proof, guaranteed for 3 years, dyed with no toxic treatments and unique as every single piece is different to the other ones due to the unlimited natural patterns of the leaves.

They ship and sell internationally through their website but if you are in London, you can also find them in the Camden Stables Market (if you buy from them in store, they will send you the receive by email instead of printing it on paper due to their zero waste approach!)

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