Looking for a place in the sun to rest and relax in crystal clear water? Well, the small village of Basti (Mpatsi) in Andros is perfect for you.

Small, surrounded by…..well pretty much nothing, this Island in Greece is absolutely a gem! It is peaceful and quiet, with only a few shops around but a lot of very good and cheap restaurants and cafes to pick from and different hidden beaches.

How to get to Basti?

If you land in Athens, then you will need to take the bus to get Rafina Port (bus stop right outside the airport) and get on the ferry that should take you to the Island in a couple of hours.

When you arrive there, there are a lot of small vans able to take you to your accommodation for a very reasonable price (ticket should be around 1/1.20  euros and you can buy them directly on the van). Be aware that if you pick this kind of transport, you will have to share it with other people and possibly be squashed like tuna in a tin 😀

Visiting Chora

From Batsi you can easily reach Chora, the capital of Andros and one of the most picturesque villages of Cyclades, by bus (transports from Batsi don’t run very often so make sure you double check with someone local where they stop and the timetable).

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