After a bit of research and after watching  The True Cost, a documentary exploring very well the impact of fashion on people and the planet, I am very determined in buying only ethical and fair trade products with minimal impact on the environment.

I am starting with Rapanui Clothing, an Award-Winning eco-fashion brand from the UK that makes organic cotton clothing in an ethically accredited, wind-powered factory.

They produce T-shirts, Vests, Jumpers and Accessories for Men and Women at a very reasonable price following their “Fundamentally Different – Everywhere you look” philosophy in terms of sustainability.

The whole business is built on it:

  1. They have reduced waste in their supply chain by 50% by developing cutting edge printing technology.
  2. They use Renewable Energy. From the factory in India that makes the garments to the factory in the UK that prints the products, and the offices that house the people on desks.
  3.  They use Better Fabrics. Organic Cotton, Recycled Plastic, Dacron, Tencel, British Wool and bamboo. Design with the life cycle in mind.
  4. They care for the Social aspect. Helping fix youth unemployment on the Isle of Wight, and paying fair wages in manufacturing.

More info about Rapanui Clothing:

  • Rapanui website
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • International Shipping costs Β£5
  • EU shipping costs Β£4
  • UK shipping costs Β£2 Economy –  Β£4 First Class – Β£7.50 Next Day Delivery
  • Free Returns (International, UK, EU)


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