We have just come back from a 48 hours getaway in Marrakech and I thought to share our experience.

It has been quite intense, a constant up and down of great and very disappointing things at the same time, but let’s start from the beginning.

Departed on Friday at 6 from Stansted Airport, we landed after 3.40 minutes at Menara Airport where we got in the queue at the custom to get the stamp on the passport and be able to enter the country.

Bureaucracy moves very slowly so get ready to wait quite a bit, to have your documents checked at least 6 times and to fill in forms like no tomorrow at the airport and at the hotel.


The food, the colours, the Berber Market and Medina Old Town, the sunny and hot weather, the smell of argan oil.


  • I am sorry to say this but the attitude of people really put me off, maybe we were just unlucky, but the people we met were actually rude, only looking for money from us and arrogant. They put me off so much that I don’t think I will go back to Morocco anytime soon. You are not a person to them, you are just a cash machine so from the moment you step out the plane, I suggest you not to trust anybody.
  • The constant scamming. From the airport where at the Currency Exchange Desk (Global Exchange) they insist on giving you a credit card, to the outside the hotel where fake personnel follows you around asking “Do you remember me, I am from the hotel?” to drag you in some in some shops forcing you in buying things, to the people in general calling you many times or following you to try to sell you anything or the staff of the hotel being polite only to get tips.
  • The lack of customer service. We stayed at Kenzi Farah Hotel and we had strangers coming into our rooms twice without knocking, water coming from the floor, had to chase the cleaners to get the room done, charged more than we should have had for in tourist taxes, got twin beds put together as single beds rather than a double bed. We complained and we managed to have our room changed after 1 hour but it was actually a mission as they wanted to check our room first and they had even the nerves to deny that there was water coming from the floor even though they were standing right in front of the evidence.Has anyone else been to Marrakech? What has your experience been like?


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