Inspired by Iskra Lawrence and her speech at the TEDx, I have decided to do my Gratitude List, 10 things I love about myself, to use as a mantra whenever I feel overwhelmed and crushed by Society expectations on women.

Iskra Lawrence is an English model being bullied on Social Media because of her body (totally healthy but not a size 0 like the fashion industry would expect), labelled by the industry a “plus-sized model”, she refuses to be included in this category and she takes on any “body shamer” on her way. She is also a Brand Ambassador for National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA).


Where I am from, women are skinny, I don’t mean in a good shape, no I mean dangerously skinny. They starve themselves, and not just when they are teens, to fit in the ridiculous Barbie sizes of the big Italian fashion brands.

I am not skinny and I have never been, I am healthy but as a teen, it was difficult because I wasn’t reflecting the Italian stereotype and so people would give me a hard time at school, at uni and at home because of it. I can still remember how many useless diets I was forced to follow or the shame I would feel if I wasn’t able to fit in a 42 (for people who don’t know, Italian sizes are smaller than the rest of Europe, so a 42, would be realistically a 40 EU/ 10 UK). Even now, as a grown up woman living abroad, I do not shop in my Country when I go back.

So I have decided to write down my Gratitude List to remember myself that it doesn’t matter if I am not a model, if I am not tall enough, slim enough or beautiful enough, if I don’t fit in a size 0 or I am too lazy to wear high hills or if I don’t spend 3 hours every day in front of the mirror to do my make up and decide what to wear…I am who I am and I am proud of it:

  1. I love my brain because it makes me do and dream of beautiful things
  2. I love my legs because they take me everywhere and I can run wherever I want to
  3. I love my eyes because I can see the world through them
  4. I love my warrior spirit because it is strong
  5. I love the fact that I am not scared of saying NO and fight for myself in any situation
  6. I love my soul  because it is still vivid and curious
  7. I love that I always want to learn and understand what it is behind things
  8. I love that I am able to make uncomfortable decisions
  9. I love that I am independent
  10. I love that I am not scared of challenges 

…..and if the modern Society doesn’t like me, well….I DON’T CARE.

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