What Does “One Pot Pasta” mean? Chuck everything in a pan (ingredients and pasta) and wait until it is cooked :D.

I know what the Italians are going to say “This is not the way to cook pasta…..you should be ashamed of yourself bla bla bla” but although being Italian myself and sometimes fussy about national dishes, I have decided to give it a go and the result was very good indeed!

I have decided to make this first attempt using unusual ingredients, Radicchio Rosso, Coconut Oil and Orange Chili peppers.

List of Ingredients:

Prep and Cooking:

  1. Cut the radicchio and chilli peppers ย into shreds
  2. Add a pinch of salt and 2 tea spoons of coconut oil in a pan
  3. Once the oil is melted, add 200 gr of whole grain spaghetti, the radicchio, the chilli peppers and the basil
  4. Add enough water to cover all the ingredients
  5. Stir from time to time, adding more water if necessary, until the pasta is cooked and the water completely absorbed

It shouldn’t take more than 13/15 minutes to cook.

Serve and Enjoy!

If you don’t like Radicchio Rosso, you could even try another vegan variant with different veggies, for example, carrots and zucchini and the result would be equally delicious.

Why I love The “One Pot Pasta” method:

  • You use only 1 pan to cook and so less washing up to do later ๐Ÿ™‚
  • The pasta remains naturally “creamy” and it doesn’t dry out
  • The dish absorbs very well the flavours of all the ingredients
  • It is quick, easy and it doesn’t require any particular culinary skills, only a bit of imagination!

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