I used to have big dreams, wanted a big house, nice things, money, an amazing career and then, growing up, I understood that all these big dreams didn’t mean anything to me. They weren’t actually dreams, they were the others’ expectations on me.

I used to plan my life 5 years ahead, I used to go completely mad if things didn’t go as I planned, I used to stress myself in doing things for others completely meaningless to me, I used to try to be what my messed-up family wanted me to be, I used to try to believe in all their lies and try to conform to their plastic life made of nothing.

I used to think that a fake smile was enough to cover up and that every battle was worth fighting.

I used to think that regardless what happens, your family is always your family, no matter what.

I used to think that to be always the best and ahead of everybody, was the utterly meaning of success and I used to feel useless and a waste of space when unable to reach those standards.

Guess what, I was completely unhappy, miserable and frustrated.


*I still have big dreams but no lots of money are involved, I don’t care for things, for fashion, for cars, for a house, for the other’s expectations, they are actually MY DREAMS.

*I don’t plan anything anymore, apart from holidays and only a few months ahead, I don’t go mad anymore if something doesn’t turn out the way I wanted, I just wait and see where the new opportunities take me. I don’t do any more things for others that are wrong to me and I don’t conform to my family anymore and they don’t like it but I don’t care anymore.

*I smile only when I feel like it and I choose my battles very carefully.

*Family is not always Family. We give names to a concept, not to things. And for a Catholic Country like mine, families stay together even if it kills you. Well, this wasn’t for me, it was killing me and so I bailed and now I consider Family only the people that are around for me today, supporting me, helping me, respecting me, loving me with no expectations, accepting me for who I am, related to me not by blood but by HEART.

*I stopped trying to be always the best…. I take every day as it comes, enjoying the unknown, respecting the others, trying to learn every day something new, taking differences as a big opportunity to grow as a person, listening to myself and my instinct, trying to live in harmony. This is MY SUCCESS.

*I love and I am proud of myself. I get up in the morning feeling I am the person I wanted to be.

Guess what, I am happy now ❤.

#takeiteasy #keepitsimple

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