As any other person born in the last 30 years, I have grown up giving everything for grounded: food, clothes, laptops, makeup, bags, shoes…..stuff and I have never really stopped thinking if I was actually in real need of all the stuff I was buying and owning.

One day, a couple of years ago, when I was preparing to move for the 20th time, I actually realized that a number of things stuffed in a 25 mq2 flat, was just ridiculous for only 1 person but it was only a year after that I started to follow few simple rules to reduce my waste.

Yes, WASTE. Waste is not only what you throw away in the rubbish bin, it is anything that you don’t use and sit in your house for years…it is a waste of space, a waste of money and, most important, a waste of environmental resources used to produce it.

We all have our soft spot and I understand that it would be very hard to stop consuming, especially in this era and on our side of the world, but if we manage to reduce what we buy and we don’t use, recycle what is still in good condition, thinking about alternative uses for things that are actually broken before throwing them away, it would be a massive step forwards.

And so now, I am following 5 simple rules to try and control myself:

  1. Clothing.
    I own so many clothes that I run out of space years ago but because a lot f them are still at my mum’s house, I have never had a real idea of how many they were.
    Well, luckily I still fit in clothes from 10 years ago so I have calculated that I won’t need to buy anything new for the next 3/4 years. And if something slightly breaks, I will fix it and keep using it until it is totally gone.The same goes for shoes and bags.I am quite sensitive to this point after watching The True Cost, a very powerful documentary that answer a question we never ask ourselves when we buy from Primark, H&M or other chains:
    Who pays the price for our clothing?true_cost_still
    Well, women like you in India or Bangladesh working in very hard and dangerous conditions, with no regulations, in kind of building that very often go on fire killing all the poor workers trapped in there, or women younger than you with kids that they never see because their salary isn’t enough for all of them if they were to move to the city with their mums and so they leave them in the countryside with other people.If you buy a t-shirt for £ 5/7, it means that it is actually produced for about 0.10/0.20 p, so try and calculate the salary of the people that literally risk their lives every day for a shitty piece of clothing.
  2. Books.
    I love reading, I love books, the real ones, the paper ones. I used to buy them all brand new and throw them away once finished. Now I buy only second hands books, from Amazon or from charity shops and donate them to the same charity shops or to libraries once I am done.
  3. Food.
    Ah, I don’t even want to think how much food I used to throw away, a real disgrace! Now I buy food every 3/4 days in the right quantity, eating everything I have in the fridge before I pop up to the supermarket again throwing away a very small quantity of food and only in very few occasions.
  4. Personal Hygiene Products.
    I have no idea how much money I have actually spent during these years in liquid shampoos, conditioners, soaps, creams. I recently switched to solid products and the amount of money, plastic and space I am saving is unbelievable! I also try to buy only vegan products, not tested on animals and not using any chemicals.
  5. Makeup. 
    I used to buy a lot of make up a few years ago….but I have never actually used a lot of it on my face and so I have decided to stop buying it and use what I have got until it is finished. Even in this case, I prefer to buy vegan, cruelty and parabens free products.And you?Is there anything you think you could do to reduce YOUR WASTE?

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