….and so, once again, I am going home for Easter….I have been going home for Christmas, Easter or bank holidays since I was 19 and even though when I was younger it was actually more a duty than a pleasure and I would have done anything to avoid it, it definitely helped me not to lose contacts with a part of my life that it is now, the key to the new self I am working on.

I have never been a fan of Christmas or any of the Catholic festivity that my Country forces everybody to celebrate, but yet, going home during those holidays, It allowed/allows me to see the people I care about in their best mood.

I don’t believe that HOME is where your HEART is, otherwise, I would have at least 4 different homes but I go home to see my mum and my friends which are definitely part of my heart that gets recharged very quickly under their in influence.

selflove2-640x400I think I finally came to the realisation that HOME is not a place but it is FEELING and as any other feeling, it constantly changes, at least for me. I can feel at home in an airport hall actually going home, but totally a stranger when I sleep in my bedroom at my mum’s house, one day, and feel perfectly comfortable in my hometown that I left 17 years ago and like an alien in London where I actually live, another day.

But there is a feeling that I started to develop only recently and it seems to be quite persistent and solid…….. I feel completely at home with myself, it doesn’t really matter where I am and so I wonder if this is it, I wonder if I am finally at HOME.

Anyone else going home?