milk makes menIf you live in any of the industrialized Countries of the world part of the economic boom in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, you have probably grown up with an idea about food totally wrong coming from the older generation, the media and the Governments that have been pushing particular kind of products for profit.

The products I am talking about are milk, meat and eggs and here are few false myths you have probably heard since when you were a kid.

1. Cow’s Milk is good to get calcium
Wrong! It is not the best source of calcium as cow’s milk is barely absorbed by human body, plus the best sources of calcium are plants and leaves like spinach, kale and broccoli.

2. Cow’s Milk is good for you because it makes your bones stronger
Wrong and Dangerous!
Studies have been suggested that cow’s milk actually consumes the calcium in our bones!

3. Cow’s Milk is good for you because it makes you stronger
As in nature, only kittens need milk, humans need milk only in the early stages of their life and that is it. Cow’s milk contains 3 times the amount of proteins than human milk so you can just imagine what it can do to an adult: it makes you bigger because of the high amount of proteins that contribute to many diseases. That means it makes you weaker, not stronger!

4. Meat is good for your health
 Many studies in England and Germany and in USA comparing the cancer development to the Asian countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos and so on, showed that vegetarians were about 40 percent less likely to develop cancer (colon, breasts and prostate) compared to meat-eaters.  A 2014 Harvard study found out that just only serving a day of red meat during adolescence could increase the risk of cancer by 22% and that the same red meat consumption in adulthood was associated with a 13% percent higher risk of breast cancer overall.


Plus meat contains cholesterol and saturated fat contributing to America’s top causes of early death: heart attacks, strokes, diabetes.

5. Meat is good for you for proteins
Actually, beef meat is one the main products that cause food poisoning. Plus most meats have hormones in it as a result of the grown-fast cattle industry approach: to make cows grow at an unnaturally fast rate, the animals are fed with pellets full of hormones. Even if you decide to go for organic-meat, for sure a better option, you would ingest anyway the sex hormones of the animals like progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen which the human body naturally already has.

6. Eggs are the best protein suppliers for humans
Wrong! Sorry “Full English Breakfast admires”, the eggs you are eating are from the chicken full of hormones at point 5, do you really think they are good for you?

Now that you have got this info, would you give with cow’milk, meat and eggs to your children? And yourself? Would you keep eating them without being conscious of what happens to your body?


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