I know that most of the people that have just read the title could think that I am actually crazy, but I am not, I am just tired of living in a fake reality where everybody has to smile, post the best thoughts, always being plenty of energy and emanate positive vibes regardless just so the others can envy us or have an idea totally wrong about ourselves or just to able to find a decent job.

fake happinessOnce someone told me that nobody likes negative people. I remember asking what exactly “negative” meant to him and I got the answer that a negative person was somebody “not positive”. Yes, I know, a smart ass answer. But it got me thinking what a “positive” and a “negative” attitude are for me.

I am tired of getting up in the morning and being bombarded every second on every single social media (even the professional one like LinkedIn) with messages of fake happiness or “if you work hard, you will get what you deserve”, or ” working is my favourite hobby”, or pictures of smiley people at 7 am perfectly dressed up drinking coffee with their motivational messages for the day “can’t wait to start this working day”. People, this is all fake, you won’t get promoted if you post your smiley face in front of your office door saying that you love working 20 hours a day, get over it and get a life, a real one!

All this happiness advertising makes me, in fact, more depressed every day because I feel like I am the only one in the whole world struggling and having problems, the only one not able to reach certain standards and the only thing I would really need right now, it is to see somewhere people I can relate to, messages about the fact that if you are down one day it is ok, that if you feel drained, it is ok too, that to be honest with yourself and the others, it is the real deal, and that, if you don’t feel going to work one day but you do it only because you have to, it is not an obscenity.

I have got this very uncomfortable feeling that the fake internet reality is taking over the real life and if you do not accept to turn yourself in the “happiness sandwich man”, you are totally out of society.

I feel like a number everywhere, at work, just a number who makes numbers, on Instagram a number who generates a number of followers or a number of likes, on Facebook, pretty much the same, on LinkedIn a number that has to have a decent number of connections to be able even to be looked up to.

I am tired of it, I am tired of being a number in a reality that exists only on my laptop where I have to show 24h that I am happy and super productive. I cannot do this anymore.

I want reality, I want the CEO of a Company, single mother of 3, divorced and alone telling me the truth, because I cannot believe not even if I see it, that the same CEO, single mother and divorced, is able to be up at 6 a every day, be perfect like a doll, work for 12 hours a day, going to the gym, meditation, to an office party, go home and spend quality time with the kids, all this with always a smile on her face, feeling always energetic and giving life advice to the youngest. This is wrong!

This is a very risky message for all the people and the young generation that really think these are the standards of our society and they will get depressed feeling so emarginated that they will turn pretty soon in an army of scared, demotivated and under Prozac new type of human race.

That is it. I miss seeing the “human” of the “human race”, I miss seeing the “human” in each “human being”. I miss someone that tells me the truth.

I miss someone who calls me for a possible job telling me that it is a crap one, with no possibility of career development and very basic benefits but it is ok if I need money for few months. I want someone who tells me that I won’t get the interview because the interviewer doesn’t like foreign people or that I won’t get the job because they didn’t like me or somebody else is less expensive. I would like that CEO, single mum and divorced, calling me saying “today I don’t want to go to work but I have to, so I will probably spend the whole day doing shopping online because today, after a nightmare night with one of my kid throwing up for the whole night,  I don’t give a crap about work”.

I would like someone telling me the truth right on my face which is, for me, a very healthy and positive attitude, the only possible attitude if we want to define ourselves as HUMAN BEINGS.

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