If you think that King’s Cross is just one of the busiest stations in London, well, you are absolutely wrong! There are quite a few interesting things inside, out and about.

First, platform 4 and 5, renominated for the Harry Potter movies 9 and 10, are supposed to be the exact location of platform 9 3/4.

Once you exit the St Pancras Station, you will see right in front of you, the Cathedral of the Railways, looking at you from the sky in her beautiful Victorian Gothic style.
Not many people know that in the tower behind the clock, there is an amazing fifth-floor flat, which offers spectacular views of London, listed as Airbnb at £150 a night. Fancy it? You can check the St Pancras Clock Tower Guest Suite out and book it here airbnb.co.uk .

If you take the right once you exit the station and you walk down for 3 minutes, you will see a bizarre art installation: a massive cage with a swing inside designed by Sutcliffe Play, called IFO (Identified Flying Object) which lights up in a rainbow of colours in the night.

After the IFO stop, cross the road and make a left, walk up for 2 minutes until you end up at St Pancras Square and you will find the Google UK HQ Corporate, where the internet-magic happens.

Walking down to St Pancras Square, turn on your left and you will find in a very narrow alley, a very simple and clear building in liberty style which is not famous at all, but it simply a gem.

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