1483654937113I adore Drew Barrymore, she is one of my favourite American actresses, I loved her in E.T. and adored her in Riding in Cars with Boys and Never being Kissed, so I was thrilled to see her in a brand new Comedy Series on Netflix.

I started watching it and I was so disgusted that I had to turn it off after even finishing the first episode.

I didn’t get it, I didn’t get it at all.

Drew Barrymore is Sheila, a normal mum of a 16 years old teen and married to Joel, both real estate agents that one day, totally out of the blue and without explanation, starts throwing up so much during a meeting with clients that it was actually very uncomfortable to watch….and turns out to be dead-undead after few hours.

She starts behaving weirdly following every single desire she has, constantly hungry, careless and totally out of control….the first 30 minutes were actually bad but bearable, things got a lot worse when talking to a colleague, she just ate half of his hands, smiling and keeping the conversation going like it was totally normal.

Santa Clarita Diet is supposed to be a horror-comic series which it has turned out to be a mess mixing the worse horror movies stereotypes and a funny comedy, finishing up with very bad acting, lots of silence, lack of decent dialogues and non-sense timing between scenes.

And so I ask myself, or better I would like to ask Drew Barrymore: Why?!?!


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