If you are a fan of Disney Princesses and Funko Pop, you shouldn’t miss the dedicated Nerd Funko series, Hot Topic exclusive, which includes Cinderella, Belle, The Little Mermaid and Jasmine.

I fell in love with the cartoon when I was a kid even thought I was more a tomboy than a girly little thingy! and I am quite curious about how the new movie The Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson is going to turn out so…. I could’t help myself and I added the Hipster Belle to my Funko collection!

Released 2013
Excl. to Hot Topic
higher sales value reached: $220.96

These Funko are quite rare and not so easy to find, especially at affordable prices but I was very lucky to find my Belle at Collekt.co.uk, which is, by far, one of the best pop vinyl retailers in the UK, and possibly the e-commerce with the best customer service ever!
I have been so impressed with them that I thought to share few info about these guys just in case someone is looking for a very good funko pop web shop.

Customer Service

1.they created a very unique customer service experience, they don’t give you updates about your order only by email, but also on your social media accounts with private messages,
2. you can contact them at any time and everywhere (fb, instagram and son on) to receive support,
3.they answer super fast to any inquiry from users (and when I say super fast, I mean within 30 minutes!)

Exclusive Section
They get Exclusive pieces from US quite difficult to find in Europe (apart from on Amazon or Ebay for high prices or crazy delivery fees) but they go very fast, in fact, the Nerdy Belle is not available anymore!

Monthly Giveaways
They give away monthly an amazing rare funko pop picking randomly a winner among their customers (the more you help them to spread the word with social media, the more chances you have got!)

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Photo credit:@thehyppomyselfthecat - Follow me on Instagram: TheHyppoMySelfTheCat