For personal and professional reasons, I have decided to move, live and work in London and I get up in the morning still sure 100% that it has been the best decision I have ever made (twice) in my life. I am not going to live here forever, but as a temporary home, I couldn’t live anywhere else right now. I first moved here in 2010, stayed for almost 5 years, briefly moved back to my Country last year and finally came back in London in June 2015.

First thing first, London is not like the rest of the UK, the vibe that you find here is so unique that it could be considered almost like a Country in the Country.

You could argue that it is expensive, chaotic, stressful, dirty, without identity, not welcoming, cold, careless but still, I would pick London among any other European Cities.
Why? For all the reasons above and more!

  1. yes, it is incredibly expensive but you have got everything, literally everything, anything you can think of, name it and you will find it.
  2. chaotic and stressful, absolutely but there are great transport connections and it is anyway not busier than any other big cities in the world (New York, Tokyo, Bangkok, Rio de Janeiro for example, are not exactly a walk in the park either).Somehow, after a while, it becomes almost comforting to have all these people around…I remember that when I briefly moved back to Milan in 2015, I had the impression to be living in the country side, people were nowhere to be found!
  3. dirty, of course…and it stinks of pee and more too! But not everywhere and not always….and again, even Venice has been stinking for ages and even Paris and Milan are quite dirty as well.
  4. without identity, not exactly. It has got hundreds of identities! You can sit on a bench in the park, in a pub, in a bar, in the middle of one of the main streets, and you will see in 5 minutes the whole world passing by.
  5. no welcoming and careless, true. London is tough, a jungle and for thousands of people that move here every year, there is a very high % of them that move back to their countries within the first 3 months. It is a survival school, or you make it or you don’t, but if you do, the possibilities are limitless!
  6. cold. It depends on what you are talking about. If we you are talking about temperatures, well, I wouldn’t exactly say so but there are no seasons like in other countries so the summer is not always summer and the winter is not always winter and temperatures are more stable and even all year around.If you are talking about the people, yes. Brits are not always a joy to be around and they are not the most welcoming people, but they don’t do it in purpose, it is just the way they are: they simply have got a different way to handle relationships, private and public. But they are slowly getting used to us foreigners, the new British generation has started to move out of the Country as well and in general, they are more keen to mingle.
    ….and here more reasons to choose London….
  7. there is no pressure whatsoever from the society to transform you into some sort of robot and to change the way you are. Pressure, that is a lot higher in other places, like for example Italy, where the general mentality and society expectations push you, since when you are little, in only one direction, slowly killing free will and personalities. Here in London you are who you are, with all your peculiarities, mental and physical, all the doors are open for you and you have got millions of opportunities to pick from.
  8. you can change your job and yourself even 100 times a week, here it is never too late to start all over. Another thing that you are not going to find in other European cities or countries, like Italy, Portugal, Greece or Spain. You can decide to start from the bottom a brand new career at 40, and nobody is going to judge you for that or pick on you. Your life is completely in your hands.
  9. the job market is super fast and despite the Brexit, find a job in London from abroad or find a new one within few weeks, is still a lot easier than in the majority of the other European big cities.

Still not convinced?

Samuel Johnson used to say “Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of #LIFE”.


#London #Life

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