Never heard of Funko Pop!? Well, you are probably missing one of the bigger retail phenomenon of the last 5 years. And NO, they are not toys for kids, they are high valuable collectable miniatures that represent characters from movies, series TV, cartoons, animations films and rock bands that cover either the latest trends and the vintage pop culture from the 80s/90s.


Do you remember Big Trouble in Little China, with Kurt Russel from 1986? I do and I literally love that movie and the idea of having Jack Burton on my desk looking at me for the whole day, it is indeed quite appealing…and now it is easier than ever, I can just order him online! :D.

A Back to the Future or Karate Kid fan? Well, you can find Doc, Marty Mcfly, Daniel Larusso, Mr. Miyagi and Johnny Lawrence wearing different outfits and accessories, literally in pocket size!

Are you a classic movies lover? Like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, breakfast-at-tiffanys Mary Poppins or all the superheroes comics from the 30es or the Disney stories? Audrey Hepburn and Julie Andrews Funko Pop! are actually adorable and very well made, all the Batman, Marvel series, are absolutely fantastic and all the Disney characters are so cute!

Of course, due to the huge success, all the more recent series, movies, revivals and bands, have got their dedicated lines of Funko Pop Vinyl, for example Harry Potter, Star Wars, Gilmore Girls, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black Gun’s and Roses, Motorhead and so on.

Funko is actually the name of the American company that manufactures licensed pop culture toys with 1000 different vinyl figures, founded in 1998 by Mike Becker, with the idea to bring back various nostalgia-themed toys in the high-tech world of today.


Sold in 2005, the company has hugely increased the toy lines with exclusive licensing deals with Marvel, DC Comics, Lucasfilm, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks, Fox, Warner Bros, Disney, BBC,  Cartoon Network, and much more. According to his President Brian Mariotti, the Funko LLC hit the 40$ millions mark in 2014, $28 millions of that was from the Pop Vinyl figures alone.

But they had a really slow start as at the begging weren’t appreciated very much by collectors, fans and licensors: they started to make history only after Mariotti made the decision to place them in megastores and online retailers with a 9.99$ standard price and obviously “When licensors see that your products are getting into the marketplace and there is a coolness factor to them, they want to be a part of that” .

54129_ig_funko_pop_intStill not convinced by the Funko Pop!?
What if I tell that some of them are so rare that the sellable value can get to up 2000$?

Guess I have your attention now!

Well, if you are considering the idea of starting a collection, make sure you go after the most wanted ones that, of course, are not the same everywhere but these 5 are the pop vinyl that can actually make you rich all over the world, if you are able to find them, of course:

1.Batgirl Black Suit, DC Universe, 2010, San Diego, Comic Con Metallic Exclusive sold for  $1,100 – 1,200$
2. Dumbo Disney, SDCC Fundays, 2013, Exclusive Clown Face sold for  $1,500 – 1,600$
3. Star Wars Shadow Trooper, San Diego, Comic Con, 2011 sold for $1,800 – 1,900$
4. Star Wars Flocked Chewbacca bobble head, 2011, San Diego, Comic Con sold for $1,400 – 1,500 Dollars
5.Green Lantern Glow, DC Universe, 2010, San Diego, Comic Con Exclusive sold for $1,200 to 1,300 Dollars

The web is plenty of stores where you can buy them from but the trick is, find them for less trying to guess the ones are going to be more valuable later on!

I have already started my collection with the Mad Hatter, The Red Queen and the White Rabbit from Alice Through the Looking Glass, Mary Poppins, David Bowie (in Labyrinth Version), Stewie Griffin from the Family Guy, Walter White from Breaking Bad (in the Heisenberg version) and the old guy from Up!.

The Funko Pop! also come in the smaller size line called Pocket Pop! and in the keychains version too.

In the official website, you can get a clear idea of the latest new entries, of which ones are still available on the market (the average price is 9.99$-14.00$) or soon to join the Vault, meaning hard to find collector’s items, limited edition and so potentially quite valuable!

Where to buy them online in Europe:

EMP (,,,,

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