A few months ago, in May, I decided to back pack in Bali and I was lucky enough to end up in Seminyak renting a room 5 minutes walking from the Ocean at the RedDoorz near Seminyak Beach.

I didn’t know what I was going to find here and so the first day, after unpacking, I decided to take a walk on the beach. It was around 6 pm and I could see a lot of people gathering and taking a seat on their towels…..waiting. I remember asking myself what all those people were waiting for….and then, suddenly I understood….they were waiting for one of the most incredible gifts this Island gives away….its magic sunset.

“And so every day we would prepare ourselves, walking down the beach at the same time, with our cameras or phones or just bringing our thoughts and we would sit there….waiting for those peaceful colourful minutes to finish our day at ease.

And we would stay there, all together, until the very end, until the last second of the sunset hoping we could take a bit of its magic away with us.

Such a powerful thing, like a spell bringing strangers together from all over the world, admiring the same very thing, the sky”.

The Seminyak sunset is so famous that it is very common to see people celebrating their weddings or shooting their wedding pictures right during this colourful show. One day, I saw a young Asian couple, just married, looking madly in love and so, whilst their photographer was giving them directions about poses and lights, I could not resist and I “stole” few pictures of those sweet moments.

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