Once upon a time, Yahoo Italy had an office in via Spadolini in Milan. I am not going to talk about what happened because it has been said enough by the press, blogs, TV programs, newspapers and so on, all respected sources with more preparation and a better point of view about the whole situation.
But what I would like to do, it is just to talk about my personal experience there and I would like to start saying that it has been the best professional experience of my life to date.

What it has contributed to that, it was definitely the people. I was happy there. I had great managers based actually in the London office, I was in a great European team, I had free food!, a massive desk, made great friends at work, worked with some nice people always up for a laugh, learnt interesting things, always motivated to do my best.

Sure I didn’t know what It was going to happen when in May 2015 I moved back to Italy from London to join the Yahoo Milan Office, I didn’t know that it was going to close down after few months, but I didn’t know that I was going to have real relationships with people there either, I didn’t know that I would get up in the morning happy to go to work, I didn’t know that that office, was going to become my protection from everything else life was going to throw at me in the upcoming months.

When I started to work there I remember that I was scared because I wasn’t use to the “Italian way” of working anymore, I was scared because I didn’t want people to get too close, my mind was still in London and I was struggling to fit in a world that I wasn’t able to understand anymore.

I couldn’t get used to the personal questions, to people talking to you as they have been your friends for years, to the spontaneous life suggestion, I wasn’t used to be kissed on cheeks by strangers anymore or hugged by strangers, I wasn’t use to people asking “how are you?” like they actually cared.

Few years abroad and I had become a piece of iced wood: it took me actually a while to go back to “normal” (acceptable for the Italian society).

Now that I am in London again, now that it has been 7 months since my last day at the Yahoo Milan Office, I can definitely say that those 11,5 months are going to be one of the best memories in my 30ies.

I feel like all the people involved in those 11,5 months before the end, they just took a chance to learn from this experience and move forward stronger than before and so did I, I moved on stronger than before with one clear certainty in my mind: Tengo Cuore Italiano!