Chuck Palahniuk is definitely one of my favourite novelists. I could actually confine my self in my flat for the next 3 months just reading all his books and I would be happier than ever.

His style is something you cannot forget. He doesn’t lie to you, he simply tells a story and he tells you everything about it, he describes his characters into details, even when disgusting, but he never judges them, he is truthful to his stories like he has been through these experiences himself, because actually, his books are his way to cope with real experiences in his life.

For example, Lullaby, helped him, in fact,  to cope with his father’s death, murdered by a jealous ex of a woman his dad met through a personal ad.

Born the 21st of February in 1962, he spent most of his childhood at his maternal grandparent’s cattle ranch in Burbank from the age of 14een, when his parents actually separated and eventually divorced.
He has never met his paternal grandparents as his grandfather shot her wife after a domestic argument and then he turned the gun on himself. Chuck’s father, 3 years old at that time, witnessed everything hidden under the bed whilst his dad was actually looking for other potential victims in the house before committing suicide.

Apart from this episode, Chuck has never released much about his life. it is known that he graduated in 1980 from Columbia High School in Burbank and that he graduated in 1986 from the University of Oregon in journalism. He started working at the Portland local newspaper but he got fed up and after this, he had few job experiences as mechanic and escort for terminally ill hospice patients. He also became a member of the Cacophony Society, the actual inspiration for one of his masterpiece, the well known Fight Club, directed by David Fincher.


Chuck’s stories are strong, they are raw meat an the butcher’s, sometimes they hurt, like receiving a punch in the stomach and bleeding inside.

He makes you like the characters describing them as the most normal and plain-Jane people on earth, and then suddenly, after 2 quarters of the books, he turns them into something else, he changes them, he brings to life their real personality, their secrets, their fears and he makes fun of you confusing your brain and your eyes as you are not prepared for these brutal changes.

There is always also a prominent part of sexuality in his books; he doesn’t like to define the sexuality of his characters but he plays with it to confuse you even more.

Reading his books is like watching a very vivid dark disturbing movie that for some reason you cannot stop watching. When your brain is captured into his words, you are just in it, there is no way you can leave.

Invisible Monster and Damned are absolutely out of the world, 2 amazing pieces of his work, a must reading.

I am about to start to Choke after recently reading Lullaby, Diary and Tell All as well….I am sure he is going to slap me in the face again but I cannot actually wait!

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