When I made the decision to go to Ibiza by myself to relax 10 days in September 2015, I only had in my mind the picture of a chaotic Island full of drunk Brits shown in different TV programs and newspapers. Why did I decide to go there then? Well, It was cheap!, I have never been there before and I don’t trust other’s people judgement when it comes to travelling as the perception of places can be easily influenced by external factors: 3 very good reasons to jump on a plane and go.

So, I took my small luggage, 2 books, my iPad and I flew to Ibiza Airport, jumped in a cab (expensive) and got to my very basic room (but enough) in a also very basic B&B (I would recommend only for the position as it is very close to the bus station, supermarkets, restaurants and the small port) situated at Sant Antoni of Portmany.

From there I moved around going to Eivissa town and different beaches with buses (following few suggestions from a very nice Italian couple I met there), to Formentera by boat and exploring the places next to me walking a lot.

And yes, Sant Antoni of Portmany is full of drunk people and yes they are mainly Brits, still very pretty much awake at 6 am in the morning, yelling at each other and trying to get in the panties of anything that can actually move BUT reality is that I spent there only a few hours during the whole holidays and mainly to watch the amazing sunset with the other people in the same very spot, next to @Cafe’ Mambo.

wp-image-1974889080jpg.jpgI spent the rest of the time exploring this Island that remains, despite the chaos, the pubs, the discotheques and the drugs of some places, still wild, relaxing and beautiful.

At the bus station you can actually find a bus for every beach you want to go to, each one equally breath-taken but keep in mind that 1. are packed 2. can get very windy.

Eivissa Town
Cala Tarida
Cala Bassa


Where to eat and chill:

@the Skinny kitchen,”eat clean, rave dirty” run by Brits who reinvented famous and classic dishes using healthy ingredients. They are open for breakfast, lunch and early dinner! Address: 20 Passeig de la mar, Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza

@la caracola, amazing paella, very fresh fish. Open for lunch and dinner.
Address: Plaça sa Tertúlia, 7, 07800 Eivissa

@formentara bakery La Saliva, healthy juices, bagels and light dishes. Run by Italians a bit pissed off for a number of Italian people who have invaded the Island lately. Open for breakfast and lunch.
Address: Calle Mare de deu del Carme,1 07780 La savina,Formentera

Photos credit: @thehyppomyselfthecat
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