Gilmore Girls, an American comedy series starring eclectic and funny characters in a small town in Connecticut, appearing in the first episode in 2000 and releasing the last one in 2007, is back with a 4 parts series (available since the 25th of November on Netflix).

The first 7 seasons are a sweet and funny balanced story about a 32 years old mom who still acts like a teenager, from time to time, and her 16 years old daughter who seems to be the adult in a very peculiar situation,  surrendered by few marvellous supporting characters such as Sookie (Melissa McCharty), Emily Gilmore (Kelly Bishop), Richard Gilmore (Edward Hemman), Lane Kim (Keiko Agena) and Paris Geller (Liza Weil).

“Gilmore Girls: a year in the life” is another Netflix Original who should, in theory, bring back old fans enjoying watching their characters busy in their life 10 years later. I said in theory, because unfortunately, after watching the first 30 minutes of the 1st episode “Winter”, it is quite clear that something is off.



Lorelai, the attractive, smart and young mom with a great sense of humour and a naive way of living, with natural beauty, a perfect body and food lover unable to cook of the first 7 seasons, is replaced by this unsecured bloated middle age woman obsessed with food who tries too hard to stick with her character of 10 years ago without evolving much in the new series, which finds her 48 years old.

Rory, the responsible and cute daughter, has become in the sequel a careless 32 years old woman, jobless and with no permanent accommodation on her own, sleeping with the ex-boyfriend Logan who is already engaged to someone else, whilst she is having a 2 years relationship with a guy she cannot even remember the existence of to the point she keeps forgetting to break up with him.

Edward Herrmann died in 2014 so the only thing is actually showed about Richard Gilmore is his funeral, which is pretty much the excuse to bring up Emily and Lorelai break down.

Sookie doesn’t show up until the last 20 minutes of the 4th and last episode of series 1 when she prepares cakes for Lorelai wedding.

Lane is barely in very few scenes just a reminder of better times the series had.

Paris is a soon-to-be divorcee private doctor/lawyer specialised in fertility in New York and with 2 kids, basically the stereotype of Desperate Housewives, barely hanging on her strong and opinionated character but appearing more like a giving up frustrated older than her age sad woman.

Emily is way too skinny for an old lady but she is the only one you can actually rely on to have a real taste of what the original series was. She is truthful to her character without forcing in, she has evolved as a woman but in a realistic way. An old woman who has just lost her partner of 50 years who doesn’t know how to live by herself and goes through a deep interior change maintaining her soft, elegant and very unique austerity. She eventually evolves in a lovable, understanding and direct grandmother who discovers the beauty of life and the satisfaction of sharing it.

gilmoregirls_1sht_emily_usOf course even Jess and Dean make their appearance: the first one giving Rory an actual idea to work on for her career, a book about herself and her mother, the second one just as a sort of reminder of what Rory has walked away from when she was younger, her first love, safe and solid.


It goes on from where it stopped in 2007 without inconsistency. Lorelai and Luke finally get married in the 4th episode after living together for 9 years at Lorelai’s place. They talk about having a baby using a surrogate mother but they drop the idea pretty quickly in the 1st episode.

Rory, after amazing starts, temporarily loses few job opportunities ending up unemployed and she moves back at her mum’s working on the Stars Hollow Gazette for free to keep herself occupied until she meets Jess, and the whole idea of the Gilmore Girls book comes alive. At the end of the 4th episode though, she comes up with a shocking revelation: she is actually pregnant and the series finishes with her telling her mum the news.

Emily, after the husband passes away, goes through a transition period in which she understands what truly matters to her. She puts the family’s house up for sale, she buys a house for her, her maid and all her maid’s family close to the ocean and she lands to Lorelai some money to expand the Dragon Fly Inn, over one condition of course: the company of Lorelai and Luke for 2 weeks every the summer and 1 week every Christmas.

Despite some lack of interesting events and details and some parts that are definitely too long and meaningless, it remains a must watching for all the fan of the original series as it definitely brings up something different from before, all the characters seem more conscious about themselves, their choices and the time passing by


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