Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.
It seems a paradox that in 2016 we still need to remind people that women are still in danger, that they are still suffering from cruel violence, victims of unspeakable and brutal religious and cultural practices all over the world.

And to the ones that think we are safe in the western world, I would like to say that NO, there is still something called domestic violence.

This subject is particularly close to me as it took me 20 years to realize that I had a violent man in my life and It took 40 years to my mum to realize that she was a victim of a violent man putting herself and me physically and mentally in danger for so long living in an abnormal situation that has broken us into pieces.

Nobody has got the right to hit you, nobody has got the right to tell you you are nothing, nobody has got the right to shout at you for no reason, nobody has got the right to bully you for your weight, the clothes you wear, your glasses or the dental device you have to use, nobody has got the right to make you feel you are a waste of space, nobody has got the right to use you for their own purpose, nobody has got the right to play with your brain and make you feel that you are the problem.

You can defend yourself from all this.

So I would like to say to who is listening: “do not justify your husbands, do not justify your fathers, do not justify your boyfriends or anyone else in your family that is doing this to you. Have a bit of self-respect for God’s sake! You are women, you have got the power to change this! Reach out for help, protect yourself and your children.

Here where you can ask for help in the UK:
National Domestic Violence Helpline
Women’s Aid
Domestic abuse | Victim Support
Refuge – Domestic Violence Help | Domestic Abuse Charity