As I have already explained in my bio, during the past few months I have faced few problems, all of them out of my control which left me with quite a lot of stress discomforts, some same old ones and a couple of new ones that I have never had before.

Adult Acne was one of them. I am 30+, never had acne in my life before and when it first appeared 7 months ago, I freaked out, couldn’t even say that word, acne! After visiting different doctors and having different blood tests, it appeared pretty clear that I was physically fine from a medical point of view (YAY!) but my stress level was way too high and it was affecting all aspects of my life.

And here it came the acne. Now, the first problem I had to face with acne on my face, it was literally the people. It seems like women can talk about their period in publicย nowadays but if you are not a teen anymore and you get few pimples here and there, people will notice it and they will make sure you know they noticed it and they will ask you for an explanation. It seems like that if you are an adult and you are not perfect, especially if female, the rest of the world is ready to point its finger at you.

After moving back to London it got even worse and even though I only had few marks and pimples, It started to annoying me a lot and affecting my confidence during face to face job interviews (I was looking for a job that time).

I went to a private dermatology, a fancy one in Harley Street in London, he looked at me for 5 minutes and he gave to me a prescription for a 6 weeks antibiotics treatment. I took them for the 6 weeks I had to, obviously, the acne disappeared but after a week since the last tablet, it came back even stronger than before. At that point, I wrote a really pissed off email to the fancy doctor and in response, he gave to me another prescription for another 6 weeks antibiotics (a different one) treatment. ย Well, I decided not to take them. I was ready to get used to my acne and live with it. No way I would have put in my body other useless meds.

I started to look for a natural solution online and I found quite a few different videos and reviews talking about making a homemade tonic with apple cider vinegar and use it as a daily skin tonic in the morning and in the evening, after washing very the face.

I bought my first apple cider vinegar bottle almost 3 weeks ago and been using it since then: my skin has been improving quite lot to the point it is actually almost clean and clear as before.

The apple cider vinegar has to be organic, raw, unfiltered and with still the “mother” in it.

Tonic preparation
Prepare your homemade tonic using the same quantity of water and vinegar, shake it and use it as a substitute of your normal tonic, in the morning and in the evening. Apparently, it is a natural antibiotic, it helps the healing process of the skin, cleanse it from residual dirt and help to prevent wrinkles too. As a natural product is not going to do miracles over night, but give it a week and you will be able to see the first results!

I also use a charcoal mask once a week to make sure to remove any residual dirt from pollutions or chemicals from unfiltered water and makeup and I wash my face with a dead sea natural sulphur soap.


Bragg Apple cider vinegar, 1 litre = 7 ยฃ (from any bio natural organic shop). It should last for 3 months circa.
Charcoal Mask (the one I use, is Origins) = 27 ยฃ (from It should last for 3/4 months.
Sea Natural Sulphur Soap = 3.75 ยฃ (from boots). It should last like any other normal soap.

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