I just love Black Mirror. I didn’t know much about it but as soon as the 3rd series came out and opened my Netflix account, it was there and I couldn’t just ignore it anymore.

I watched all the series in one go and just loved all of them. There was an episode, in particular, I could easily relate to, “Nosedive“, the Lacie one.

We all use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and so on but between using them and abusing them there is a line which is not so clear and neat anymore. Yes, it is funny to post pictures of lunches and dinners, holidays, friends, new clothes, puppies but when it takes you 30 minutes to start eating because you need the perfect light to take the perfect picture to create the perfect post and be happy when you receive a lot of likes or you take 50 selfies a day to be able to select the best ones and receive appreciations on Social Media, well, exactly in that moment, you can actually see that there is something odd about it and it is not fun anymore. It is just dramatically out of reality.

We all have a Lacie friend, the one that lives for the likes, think for the likes, breath for the likes, the one who doesn’t even text you anymore, but tags you, the one that, to invite you to birthday parties, sending you an invitation on Facebook creating a group and sending the same message to everybody without even select the people from the contact lists, the one who lives to have the most followers, and travels to show the pictures on Instagram rather than to visit friends or enjoy the places with the heart, the one who has to fake happiness or show always a smile to people because sadness is not popular enough.

Well, I have realised I do have these Lacie friends and I have realised that they are not friends at all because they are never there when you need them, they never dry your tears, they never text you just to make sure you are ok or just to share with you a silly thing.

And so, I have decided to eliminate from my contacts these Lacie people, because they freak me out. They constantly remind me that the real world is disappearing. They make me realise that for us, the Millennials, real world and the digital world are exactly the same, starting in the morning posting on Social Media, continuing during the day with our jobs and ending at night with a mobile cell phone in our hands.

I am actually worried about when the Millennials will be old when the new generations are going to be the ones driving the world, what will we be doing? I doubt we will be just rocking on our chair with a book in a hand, a cup of tea in the other one and the cat next to us, I am actually very worried that this picture is going to be just a dream.

….I have decided to run away from the Lacie people because they freak me out, they make me feel I am not even real, but maybe it is too late, maybe none of us is real anymore.

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