Lush in Oxford Street, is absolutely one of my favourite places here in London. Those 3 floors of smelly sweet caramel chocolate little things in the cutest shapes, are for me like a drug. Anytime I would feel a bit down or like I would deserve a treat, that is the kingdom of happiness for me.
I have been using products from Lush for quite a while now and of course, I have got my favourites but I am always up for trying something new, so every time I go, I fill my basket with pieces of soaps or shampoo or anything colourful enough to attract my attention.

Here a list of my fav smelly things from Lush:

  • Honey I Washed My Hair: absolutely amazing, with honey (fairly traded), orange and bergamot oil. Quite foamy, you will need just a little bit. It makes your hair smelling good, hydrated, clean but being very gentle on the scalp.

  • Ocean Salt: a body and face scrub that energises and refreshes. I wouldn’t recommend it to use on your face if you have very sensitive skin or you have acne, eczema or anything similar as it can be irritating.
  • All the lipsticks: they are quite strong, some of them waterproof too, they hydrate the lips and they smell amazing.
  • Miles Of Smiles, Toothy Tabs: fantastic toothpaste in tabs, minty and fresh. It comes in aΒ  little plastic bottle.

I always use Lush products when I travel as the solid shampoos and the toothpaste tabs don’t need to be declared at the airport saving a lot of time but, what I like the most about this brand, is that all the products are 100% vegetarian, are cruelty-free and so not tested on animals, handmade and they follow all theΒ standard of the ethical buying.

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