This little tattoo represents the 6th chakra, Anja, also called the Third Eye. Should help to access our inner guidance, understand what happens to us in life and its meaning, giving us wisdom and allowing us to help the others too. Hopefully one day I am going to achieve that, but for the moment is there on my skin, reminding me every day my place as human being. A little souvenir.

After making really thought decisions and before moving back to London after a year in Milan, I have bought a backpack, a ticket to Denpasar and spent the most amazing time I had in my life: a month travelling in Bali with the only company of my self and few books (real paper books).

I have never felt alone or bored, not even a second, I wasn’t in the need to talk or to meet people. The only people I would actually chat with, they were the locals, asking each other questions about our lives.

And so during my travelling, I have ended up in Ubud, the spiritual heart of Bali. I have met a yogi who has taken me on her bike to see a Guru to open up my chakras. They were all completely off, starting with the first one, the roots chakra.

No surprise there tho, with my family going to pieces and my mum being unwell, I put my self in stand by for few months and started to have nightmares, panic attack, breathing problems, stomach ache, headaches, feeling anxious about the future.

After the section with the Guru, I have started to feel much better. He has given to me few tips to find my balance again: have a good communication with yourself first, and have a good communication with others. A bit tricky and not so easy as it seems but if you stay truthful to yourself and honest with the others, well the rest will come by itself.

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